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GroveBeautiful is comprised of residents, business owners and local organizations of Coconut Grove, Miami, FL.  We work in collaboration with city, county and other government and non-governmental offices and individuals that care for the enhancement and development of our community, as well is the preservation of its beauty, unique qualities and history.  

  • Maintain the lush "look and feel" of Coconut Grove, and enhance its beauty and its synergy between the natural environment and developed infrastructure.

  • Spur social, physical, and economic development of the community.

  • Increase and enhance natural vegetation throughout Coconut Grove.

  • Encourage the development of new homes that are spacious and suitable for today's families and lifestyles, but that also complement the lush environment and natural qualities of the community.

  • Ensure the preservation of the history of Coconut Grove by maintaining specific historic buildings and structures with unchanged architecture, but not allow historic preservation to be an impediment or hindrance for progress, growth, advancement and development of general homes and the community as a whole.  

  • Ensure the preservation of beautiful trees and vegetation, but not allow tree preservation to be an impediment or hindrance for development, nor allow parcels and buildings to remain vacant, underused, devalued and blighted due to any associated resistance or bureaucracies. Instead, to encourage facilitating the replacement of vegetation with enhanced and augmented vegetation when necessary for development and improvement, as long as the replacement landscape plan maintains the lush qualities of the community and meets local code requirements.

  • Enhance the "walkability" features of the community, including pocket parks, sidewalks, gardens, and transit-oriented improvements. 

  • Work against indoor air pollution caused by asbestos, mold, termites, roaches and other insect excrement that are a significant cause for brain damage, lung cancer, heart disease, and numerous other diseases, and are especially a danger for children, often resulting in long-term physical and mental damage. This is a serious problem for numerous older homes in Coconut Grove where children currently live and are constantly exposed to these serious health dangers.  Many older homes that are wood-framed and have been exposed to a humid and tropical/damp environment for numerous decades cannot be remediated, and simply have to be demolished with new concrete and block homes constructed with today's water-proofing and construction methods.  The original housing stock of Coconut Grove is aged, and many of the homes are no longer suitable for living or raising children, especially due to the presence of asbestos, mold, termites, and other infestation that often cannot be remediated or may be too costly to restore.  GroveBeautiful aims to help engender an effort to improve indoor air quality and overall quality of life for current and future families that choose to live in Coconut Grove, Miami, FL.

  • Enhance and expand affordable housing opportunities for current families of Coconut Grove to minimize displacement and gentrification of current residents, and help establish a healthy mixed-income balance in the community.



Coconut Grove
Miami, FL 33133

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